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You may be a fire arm owner and you want to know the hidden truth about “AMMO” and its origin. Reading this content will tell you what an “AMMO” is and where it originated from.

This content will make you answer self questions and asked questions like:

1-What is an ammo?

2-Is ammo the same as ammunition?

3-How did the creation of ammo even evolved?

4-What is really the origin of ammo?

5-What was the first ammo used in the old centuries?

I assure you that, reading this content today will make you leave this page satisfied and knowing the truth and evolution of “AMMO”

Now, lets get started:

What is an ammo:

To be brief, an ammo is any material fired, detonated(detonated means to explode or cause to explode) or scattered from any weapon or arm system as maybe, bombs or rocks.

Another definition from ““, an ammo is both expandable weapons(such as bombs,, missiles, grenades) and the component parts of other weapons that create the effect on a target( for example bullets and warheads).

ORIGIN OF AMMUNITION- First ammunition used in fire arms:

The first ammunition used in fire arms was the chinese black gun powder.

The chinese gun powder is the origin of ammunition. Its origin can be traced from the creation and invention of fireworks around 900AD. This came about when the chinese men formed or developed a certain black gun powder composed of charcoal, salpeter and sulphur. A shocking part about its origin is that ammo was mainly developed with the aim of using it to light up the sky before it was later adopted for weapon usage.

After a certain period of time, the chinese came up with a strategy of attaching gun powder tubes to the buttom of spears to project or propel them forward in other to strike down or K.O any adversity or enemy. This methodology was efficient and began to evolve leading to the invention of the first fire arm in the world originating from china. This was after the creation of their famous black powder in the 9 century.

Below is an example of a black gun powder

After the chinese creation, the use of fire arms began to spread across the whole world. This then made Europeans to use gun powders which then developed to modern day cartridges of today. As time went on, Europeans were able to shrink ammunition size with respect to varieties of fire arms such as canons or first/early made riffles.

Below are some of the pictures of modern day ammunitions:

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After you have fed and filled with a very brief history of ammo, I will like you to answer this brief question

Is ammo the same as ammunition?

Well, the truth is yes, ammo is the same as ammunition. Ammo is just the shortened form of the word “AMMUNITION” Ammo is a shortened form of ammunition used since 1917.

There exists many synonyms of ammo such as ; bullets, shells, projectiles, missiles, rockets, bombs, cartridges, slugs and shots. Now you have found out that ammo is the same as ammunition together with its various synonyms, lets proceed to know its origin.

“AMMUNITION” can be referred or tracked back to the late mid-17 century. Actually, ammunition comes from the FRENCH word” LA MUNITION”. It was simply a material used for combat or war or conflicts in the late 17 century. Ammunition or ammo varies in sizes and its most at times designed with specific functions. When I mean specific functions, I mean, its mostly designed with respect to particular weapons and fire arms aimed at performing differently.

Which was the first non-fire arms ammunitions?

The first non-fire arms ammunition were simply stones and later on, arrows to be fired in sling slots and bows. While now, modern day ammunitions or ammo such as cartridges are now used.

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