FN 5.7×28 5.7×28 Ammo 40-GRAIN V-MAX CARTRIDGES 500 ROUNDS


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5.7×28 Ammo: A Short Description

5.7×28 ammo is tiny, but it is the fastest centerfire cartridge. Since its introduction it has become the cartridge of choice for law enforcement agencies and military in over forty countries around the world. It’s a bottleneck-like cartridge, renowned for its speedy muzzle velocity. 5.7X28 ammo can also be used to defend yourself. If you’re in search of 5.7X28 ammo for whatever purpose look for the top item from Civil Ammunition.


It is the most effective bullet that has been created to be effective in various specific roles. It is ideal for training and sports for the military and police. 5.7X28 ammo can be purchased from Armory Anchor at the best prices. We are a top supplier in the market, providing premium quality and secure delivery online to our customers. When it comes to shipping ammunition on the internet, Civil Ammunition has a huge selection of ammunition, guns and other accessories. Whatever the size of your order, or the it takes to deliver we are able to ship your order within 2 to 3 business days.

5.7X28 Ammo for Sale Online

Civil Ammunition is open to sale 5.7X28 all day long. You can purchase 5.7X28 ammunition online for purchase or use for your own personal needs at the lowest prices. We are the largest and most reliable retailer of 5.7X28 bullets. The ammunition was developed in Belgium but is used across the globe for various reasons. It is used for shooting, defense or for personal use, it’s an excellent choice with some amazing specifications.

This 5.7X28 ammo cartridge comes with the bottleneck with a rimless case and the all-around dimension that is 1.594 inches. It is suitable for handguns as well as personal defensive weapons created in the name of FN Herstal.

Here at Armory Anchor, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality as well as a pleasant shooting experience. The items we offer in our store have been tested by the experts. Therefore we can assure you the quality of our items are secure and conform to the guidelines of the industry. Get the top 5.7×28 ammo online from Civil Ammunition  now!

Get 5.7X28 Ammo Today

It isn’t easy to decide where to purchase firearms and other accessories on the internet. We have made it simple for you to choose. Civil Ammunition is a one-stop solution for all your shooting needs, such as guns, rifles, pistols and primers, bullets and more. We offer an extensive selection that include 5.7X28 ammo. It’s easy to purchase items from our store online simply pick the item you want and place an order and the item will be delivered securely to your address regardless of the amount of the order. We are able to meet even the most demanding requirements of our clients because we are always in the middle of inventory.

At Armory Anchor we know that each gun is unique from the other. The way you use every weapon differs. With the purpose and use of firearms at heart, we provide the most appropriate bullets or primers for sale at a reasonable price.

Contact us to place bulk orders, since we have an extensive selection of the top quality items ever.


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